Bad Company
Episode 3 (Season 1, Episode 3)
Airdate September 8, 1998
Directed by Steve Ressel
Written by Leslie Reider
The Wild Thornberrys
"Dinner With Darwin"
"Gold Fever"
Bad Company is the third episode of The Wild Thornberrys from season one.

Characters PresentEdit


A swarm of mysterious prankster marmosets overrun the Thornberrry camp, and it's up to Eliza to beat them at their own game.


The episode takes place in Manaus near the Amazon River. The episode begins with heavy rain falling from the sky, and many animals like anteaters, frogs, and marmosets are taking shelter from the heavy rain. The convoy has set up camp in the middle of the jungle, and the family is bored because of the heavy rain. Suddenly, the rain stops and the sun begins to shine. Eliza and Donnie run outside and jump around in the mud that was formed because of the rain. Darwin is not pleased by this, and they throw mud at him. They end up missing because Darwin slams the door on the convoy before it hits him.

Marianne comes outside with her camera looking for Nigel. Nigel drops down from a rope that he set up as a cable system for the two of them. Marianne shows him the camera she made by combining a close-up lens and the camera. She says that it's her go up in the tree and take pictures of spider's camera. Nigel is very impressed of the camera and says they'll need it to capture footage of the rare bird eating spider. Nigel says that he doesn't have much to show for his efforts, but the camera pans up and we see that Nigel set up a very large zip line throughout the jungle that they can use to go up into trees. Eliza thinks that it's really cool, and Nigel appreciates it. He says that people that want to go high into the canopy of the rainforest would like this. Eliza wants to try it, but Marianne tells her that she can't because she and Nigel are testing it out very carefully so they can capture footage of a rare spider. Eliza complains that they've been trapped in the convoy for days because of the rain. Marianne notes that Debbie isn't complaining about anything.

As if on cue, Debbie starts screaming and yelling. Everyone runs to the convoy. Debbie comes out with a bottle of shampoo and asks who is trying to ruin her life. Marianne asks what's wrong. Debbie tells her that someone used the last of her shampoo and conditioner. We see that it was Darwin, who is rubbing the last bit onto his arms. Debbie is still very angry. While this is going on, Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie start using the zip line to fling them up into the air and then back down. It's like a huge seesaw and they really start to enjoy it. Nigel reads the shampoo bottle and informs Debbie that the majority of the ingredients that are used in the shampoo can be found in the rainforest. He tells her that if she's up for an adventure, she could go out and get those items.

Marianne assures her that they'll pick up another bottle for her in the village. Debbie asks Marianne if she doubts that she can make her own shampoo. Marianne thinks that Debbie has the capability of doing that. Debbie tells her that by the time they get back from filming spiders, she'll be shampooed and conditioned. She heads out into the jungle in search of ingredients. Marianne tries to tell Debbie goodbye, but she's long gone. Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie are still playing on the zip line and when Eliza lands in front of Marianne, she isn't happy with Eliza playing on it. Eliza relents and lets Marianne get on the zip line. Donnie jumps down from the zip line and Nigel catches him. Marianne tells Eliza that she knows they've been bored and promises that when they get back the family will do something fun.

After Nigel and Marianne go up into the trees, Eliza thinks that her parents are very lucky that they get to do something fun. Darwin tells her that he likes it on the ground. Eliza says that they don't need a zip line to have fun and says that they'll just climb trees. She grabs the rope and starts to climb up one. But she ends up falling and knocks into Donnie. This causes Donnie to fall into the mud. Eliza starts laughing about Donnie's fall and despite Darwin saying it's not funny, he too starts laughing.

Their laughs appear to be echoed, but they realize that it's more than just an echo. Eliza shouts hello and looks around to see where the noise is coming from. Eliza accidentally falls down in the mud, and this makes the laughter even louder. Eliza tells them to come down to the ground and tells them not to be afraid. Suddenly, a little marmoset makes its way to the ground. Eliza introduces herself and the marmoset introduces himself as Toku. He says that he's been waiting for the rain to stop and Eliza says that they have as well. Eliza notes she thought she would explode if she stayed in the convoy any longer. The marmoset asks Eliza what explode is and she says it means boom. With that, more marmosets fall down to the ground and everyone starts chanting boom, boom over and over. Darwin is not very happy about the marmosets, and since they're another type of monkey, Darwin says he never got along with them.

After they're done chanting, Eliza and the marmosets start playing. Eliza jumps in a puddle of mud and ends up getting one of the marmosets covered. Three marmosets pick up some mud and chuck it at Darwin. It hits Darwin in the face and Darwin is very mad because he was just cleaned up. Eliza tells Darwin that the marmosets are only playing. Darwin says that she won't think it's so funny when she's covered in mud. Suddenly, Donnie picks up some mud and throws it in Darwin's face. This doesn't make Darwin very happy at all.

Up in the trees, Nigel tells Marianne that he wants her to see something. She swings over to the branch, and asks if he found the spider. Nigel says no, and shows her that he found a rat. Marianne is freaked out and ends up falling off the branch. Nigel says he found the rat scurrying on a branch in a panicked way. Marianne notes that he picked up a panicked rat. Nigel realizes that she's right and that he's probably scaring it even more. He then notes that he may have disturbed nature's natural cycle and is very upset that he did that. Marianne recommends that he just put the rat back down on the branch. Nigel says that is a good idea and he follows through by putting the rat back on the branch. Marianne says that they need to continue searching for the spider.

Meanwhile, in another part of the jungle, Debbie is continuing her search for some ingredients for her new shampoo. She finds one on a tree branch and says that she always knew that she would be able to do this on her own. But when she reaches out to get the plant, the tree branch breaks under her weight and she ends up falling to the ground.

Back at the convoy, Eliza continues to play with the marmosets. They set up cans on the ground in a pyramid shape and the slide on the ground to knock them down. Donnie picks up the cans that they knocked down and makes his own pyramid with them. He is able to knock them down as well. While they're setting up another tower, Eliza asks another marmoset was his name is. He introduces himself as Gordo. Another one, Pippo, wants them to do tower time. Toku tells the both of them that it's not tower time yet. He says that they are going to do slide and glide though. Eliza asks what that is. Toku gets on a plate and starts sliding on the mud with it. The rest of them cheer him on.

Back in the jungle, Debbie is able to find another flower that she can put into her shampoo. Once again, she ends up standing too close to a ledge, and the mound breaks off of the main bank. She falls into the water below. She is able to climb back up and gets the flower that she needs.

Up in the trees, Nigel and Marianne climb higher to find the bird eating spider. Nigel peaks his head up through some branches and tells Marianne to come over and look at this. Marianne climbs up to the top of the canopy and looks through her camera. She doesn't see anything except a caterpillar and asks Nigel why it's so important. Nigel says that he's never seen a caterpillar move as fast as this one and tells her to look at it move. Marianne is visibly annoyed.

Back at camp, Eliza, Donnie, and the marmosets continue to play slide and glide. When Eliza and Donnie fall down, the marmosets again start chanting boom. Pippo says that it's time for tower time. Eliza asks what that is, and all of the marmosets start shouting that it's tower time.

Back to Debbie in the jungle, we find that she has found another plant for her shampoo. Before she picks it up, some bees end up flying into it. When she puts the flower in her pocket, she starts getting stung numerous times and runs off smacking her pant leg.

Back at camp, Eliza thinks that tower time means stacking the cans higher. She is able to do that and asks the rest of the marmosets what they think of the tower. But when she turns around, she sees that the marmosets are taking everything out of the convoy and stacking it in a high tower. They take everything out of the convoy that is valuable, and this makes Eliza nervous. Eliza asks them what they are going to do, and Toku replies that they are going to knock the tower down. Eliza realizes that they can't do that because they will break a lot of their valuables. Suddenly, they start carrying Donnie up to the top of the tower.

They throw him on top of the microwave and the tower starts to sway back and forth in a dangerous manner. Donnie is very scared and starts to cry because he's afraid of falling down. Eliza tells the marmosets to stop, but they won't listen. Eliza climbs the tower herself and is able to get Donnie down so he won't fall. Eliza again tells the marmosets that this game can't happen, but Toku says they won't stop. The marmosets start to get very angry and they start chasing Eliza. Eliza runs into the convoy with Donnie where Darwin is already taking shelter. They close the doors and windows to prevent the marmosets from getting inside. Darwin notes that he really doesn't like marmosets. Suddenly, one of the marmosets reveals that it is inside the convoy and it's holding a mixer in its hands. Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie are frightened.

In the trees, Marianne and Nigel start to cross in between two trees. Nigel is having a lot of fun and tells Marianne to watch what he can do. He starts to spin on the rope and when it coils enough, he ends up getting spun around again. He says that it is a lot of fun and Marianne should try it. Marianne says no and insists that they really need to find the spider. Marianne starts to cross over and ends up almost spinning on the rope herself after she looks down. Nigel laughs and says that Marianne just couldn't resist.

In the convoy, Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie still cower from the marmoset holding the mixer. Eliza gets brave and picks up the marmoset. She tosses it out the window and tape it shut so that they can't get inside. Eliza and Darwin then hear the marmosets on the roof trying to come in through the vents. They tape the vents shut and prepare to hide. Suddenly, Eliza and Darwin spot a cooking pot moving on the floor. They think that another marmoset is under it. Eliza tells Darwin that she'll lift the pot and he needs to grab it. Darwin suggests they do it the other way around and Eliza starts to get mad. Eliza lifts the pot, but it only turns out to be Donnie. Eliza can't believe everything that's happened.

In the jungle, Debbie crushes up all of her ingredients for her shampoo into a shampoo substance. She pours water into it and is very proud of herself for her accomplishment. She mocks her mother and says that it doesn't matter if she doesn't have her college education yet. She says all that matters is that she can make her own shampoo. She starts rubbing the shampoo in her hair.

Back at the convoy, Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie continue to hide from the marmosets. Suddenly, the convoy starts to shake back and forth and pots and pans are sent flying. They realize that the marmosets are trying to flip the convoy. Eliza rushes over and puts a pot on top of Darwin's head and gives him a spoon. Donnie follows suit. Eliza tells them that she knows that they are surrounded, but tells them that they have to fight them off if they want to keep the convoy from flipping. Donnie is ready for battle and starts running around but ends up falling down when the pot falls over his head. Eliza and Darwin help him up and then jump out to confront the marmosets. But when they go outside, the marmosets are nowhere to be found.

Darwin is relieved that they're gone, but Eliza doubts that they are out of trouble yet. Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie start putting everything back into the convoy that the marmosets used for the tower. Eliza wonders where they went. Darwin says that he smells something very good right now. At that moment, Debbie starts screaming and running down the path. The marmosets are chasing after her. Eliza realizes this and says that she has to help. Some of Debbie's shampoo flies off her hair and the marmosets start fighting each other to get a bite of it. It's apparent that they want to eat Debbie's shampoo. Eliza tells Darwin to go up in the trees and find Nigel and Marianne. Darwin asks why he has to go. Eliza says that Debbie made the shampoo because Darwin used the last of hers. Darwin asks why she thinks he used it. Eliza notes that his hair looks good. Darwin thanks her, but then realizes that he was tricked. He starts to climb up into the trees.

In the canopy, Marianne stops Nigel and says that they need to talk. She tells him three days ago, she made the plan to come up here so that they could get footage of the bird eating spider. She says that she made the camera that she is carrying just for this occasion. Marianne tells him that sticking with a plan is what will help them find the bird eating spider. Nigel starts laughing and realizes that Marianne thinks that he's wandering around goofing off during their escapades. Marianne says that's pretty much how she thinks. Nigel tells her that is not the case. He says that bird eating spiders very rarely eat birds. He says they eat mice and caterpillars.

Marianne realizes that by following mice and caterpillars all day, this was to help them find the spider. Nigel pulls back a tree branch to reveal a bird eating spider hiding in the leaves. Marianne realizes that everything that Nigel did was following the plan that they had. She asks him what spinning on the ropes was for. Nigel says that was simply just a lot of fun. Marianne starts taking footage of the spider, but Darwin suddenly appears in front of the camera coming to get help. Marianne wonders what's going on. Darwin points down at the ground and we see Debbie still running from the marmosets. Marianne and Nigel note that they need to get to Debbie and they zip down the zip line to get to her. Darwin is still hanging onto the tree branch, but notices the spider above him. He panics and let's go of the branch, falling to the ground below.

On the ground, Debbie continues to run from the marmosets. Eliza is finally able to catch up to Debbie. Debbie asks why the marmosets are chasing her. Eliza tells her that they want to eat the shampoo in her hair. Debbie thinks that is gross. They then realize that they are trapped because they've reached the river bank. Donnie runs up to the group and picks some of Debbie's shampoo out of her hair. She throws it in front of the marmosets and they fight over it so they can eat it. Debbie doesn't want them to eat her head. Eliza says she has a good idea and starts throwing some of the shampoo at the marmosets. One of the handfuls hits Toku and he is covered in it. The marmosets realize he is covered with it and they still really want to eat the shampoo. The group starts attacking Toku. He is able to break free, but Eliza and Debbie are able to drench him in more shampoo. He starts running from the mob of marmosets and they chase after him.

After the marmosets are gone, Debbie is relieved that the marmosets are gone and thought for a second that they would have to swim down the river. Suddenly, Nigel drops down in front of the girls and it startles Debbie. She ends up falling right into the river. This makes her hair drenched and washes all of the shampoo out of it. Nigel pulls her out of the river and asks if everyone's alright. Debbie says that she's fine. Nigel notes that he and Marianne had a very fun time up in the canopy and apologizes to Eliza that she wasn't able to join them. Eliza says that it's alright. Nigel notes that since the rain has stopped, they should spend another day here. Eliza and Debbie both tell him that they'd rather not.

Later that day, Nigel and Marianne finish packing up the camp inside the convoy. Debbie is able to get her hair straightened and looking very clean. Marianne tells everyone that it's time for them to get moving. Debbie notices Donnie drumming on the pot again and Debbie picks him up. She tells him to come with her because it would be a shame if they left him behind. Darwin comes out of the jungle with the supplies that Debbie used to make her shampoo. Eliza asks what he's doing. Darwin tells her that since he can't use Debbie's shampoo he's going to make his own. Eliza laughs and notes that the marmosets are probably still hungry. Darwin is frustrated that he can't use the shampoo. He goes inside the convoy and shuts the door.

As the sun starts to set, the convoy moves on to another location. The episode ends with Toku still running away from the mob of marmosets that want to eat the shampoo.