Flood Warning
Episode 1 (Season 1, Episode 1)
Airdate September 1, 1998
Directed by Tom Stern
Written by Steve Ressel
The Wild Thornberrys
"Dinner With Darwin"

Flood Warning is the first episode of The Wild Thornberrys to air after the series' pilot episode.

Characters PresentEdit


Things turn bad when Eliza discovers that the pride of lions she joins decides to hunt Debbie.


This episode takes place in Tanzania, East Africa. The Thornberrys are resting in their communications vehicle, which they call the Commvee. The family hears a disturbing, loud sound and later realize the sound is a flood approaching. They all exit the Commvee as it washes away. They are forced to create shelter until morning when they can go out looking for the Commvee. Knowing they are in "lion country", Eliza and Darwin walk off in search of lions after the rest of the family falls asleep.

Eliza and Darwin come across a pride of lions. Eliza tries to join the pride, but the lions want to eat her. She escapes with Darwin, but the lions are angry, so they decide to hunt Debbie. Eliza manages to save her sister by finding the Commvee and letting her in. Marianne tapes the adventure with her video camera.


Nigel: Now, then...what would you say if I whipped up a batch of porridge and thawed out a brace of kippers? Wouldn't that be smashing?